Student schedule will be arranged for the term in advance.  Lesson range from 30, 45 to 60 minutes.

Parents and student responsibilities:

Students are required to arrive on scheduled time. 

Parents are welcome to attend the lessons if they wish. 

A music diary book is required  for the students to keep track of their homework and progress. 

Parents are encouraged to supervise home practice. 

In order for the student to achieve the best results; daily practice of 30 mins minimum is a must. 

Cancellation / Make up lessons:

Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time will not be rescheduled, nor will refunds be given except under extraordinary circumstances. Any lessons cancelled by teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time. If students or parents do not wish to continue the study; a written cancellation notification is required 2 weeks in advance.  

Concerts and competition preparation:

Students who are involved in concerts or competitions would require additional lessons. 

Summer / School Holidays:

​During summer/school holidays there is an increased amount of concerts and performances. Students are encouraged to continue their lessons/practice. 

Kawai classic piano
Yamaha keyboard
Prudencio Saez Spanish classical full size guitar
Hohner German classical full size guitar
Admira classic Spanish ¾ size guitar
Yamaha classic ¾ size guitar
Yamaha classic ½ size guitar
Percussion instruments
Video/sound recording equipment

Olga's Music School

                       Piano - Voice - Guitar- Theory

Piano:  $35/30 min session, $50/45 min session, $65/1 hr session.

Vocal:  -----------------------   $50/45 min session, $60/1 hr session.
(Singing lessons available in pairs/attend with a friend - 30$ each/45 min session.)

Guitar:  $30/30 min session, $45/45 min session, $55/1 hr session.

(Guitar lessons available in pairs/attend with a friend - 20$ each/45 min session.)

Payments accepted: Direct payment, check, pay-pal, or cash.