Olga's Music School

                       Piano - Voice - Guitar- Theory

“Ms Olga is a terrific teacher and a very talented musician.I met her when she was a music teacher at my son's primary school about four years ago. Since then she became a private piano and voice tutor for my son. We are very lucky to have her as a teacher, her methods combine excellent knowledge, vast experience,  kind and highly professional attitude.  We have an opportunity to visit concerts where Ms Olga participates as a pianist or as a choir conductor. I think it is very important when the teacher has a passion to the subject and is able to evolve enthusiasm in her students.   I would highly recommend her lessons. ”

Dr Olga Anderson

“I have been receiving singing lessons from Ms Strizhak for the last two years and have made terrific progress.  She is a fabulous teacher, very patient and has excellent credentials!”

Margo Poirier

“When I first joined the Mt Lofty Singers choir ten years ago the then conductor  listened to me and said you are a bass, sing with them.  What that meant was I would do less damage with them.
However after a lot of private tuition with Olga, who is understanding of peoples' abilities (I am actually a tenor) or lack of them and unvaryingly kind and yet very exact about how one sings,
I have now improved to the point where when I am the only tenor there on the night, the ladies in the choir sometimes turn and look at me with happy smiles,
instead of holding their fingers in their ears.  In fact Olga has now got my voice to the point where I will be singing a solo on stage at our next performance,
an exciting prospect for me, so I am practising assiduously in preparation. I think she is a very technically knowledgeable music teacher and brings out the best in me. 

I strongly recommend her to you.”

Silvio Apponyi

“I have been learning singing/voice technique from Olga Strizhak for several years now and very much appreciate her tuition and guidance.  I also have another teacher closer to home and I alternate between the two of them.  They both complement each other and re-inforce everything I learn from both of them.  Olga gives me good techniques to maintain voice quality without strain and encouraging me to extend my vocal range.  Olga is also the Music Director for Mt Lofty Singers with whom I sing.  I hope I can continue learning from her for a long time.”

Mrs Bette Taylor